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Soooo many words, and so little character space!!! 🦋🦙🦋

@RobertDowneyJr @Discovery #FuzzytheAlpaca #TheBond

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#FuzzytheAlpaca so so cute ❤️❤️❤️ A bit of sweetness in such crazy times 🌹💞

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Acabo de morir de la ternura MIREEEEN AHH ❤

#FuzzyTheAlpaca #RobertDowneyJr

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I m so waiting for this !! I also want one Alpaca !! @RobertDowneyJr @Discovery #FuzzytheAlpaca #TheBond

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#FuzzytheAlpaca has an exciting announcement. #TheBond will air on @Discovery! Our series dives in to the wondrous and intimate connections between humans and animals. (Because animals are people too, and humans are animals, last I checked.)

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