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Please continue to pray for the students of #Greenfielduniversity

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Why the google maps voice so aggressive tho #Chrome #GooglePlay #GreenfieldUniversity

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Do you guys ever ask how someone’s doing twice in a row because you did the first one out of reaction? #Sixers #Bengals #GreenfieldUniversity

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Have those evil kidnappers released the #GreenfieldUniversity students? or why is nobody talking about the issue?

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Nigerians has kuku forgotten about the #Greenfielduniversity students in little fingers kidnappers den, please remember them in your prayers πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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#GreenfieldUniversity students are still in their kidnappers' den. Remember them in your daily supplications please. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ•ŠοΈ

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This is Affiniki Bako. A Nurse who was kidnapped at her work place in General Hospital Idon in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna state. On the 20th of April 2021. Her kidnappers set her ransom at 40 million naira. #Greenfielduniversity

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Another day and our #Greenfielduniversity students are still in the hands of terrorists. @aishambuhari isn't bothered. By 2023, they'll come riding in tricycles and frying akara to show they feel your pain.

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Anyhoo, are the #Greenfielduniversity students still in custody? How about the Absu 13? We must keep track cos it’s easy to move on and forget these things happened. If people are still In captivity, we can’t stop amplifying it.

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Pathetic that appropriate Kaduna State Govt & federal government agencies are not giving us daily updates on the #GreenfieldUniversity student's abduction.

Even mainstream media organisations seem to have "moved on". A great disservice to our so called "leaders of tomorrow".

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Is there any update on #GreenfieldUniversity students? Those kids are still suffering in the hands of their abductors? We should not forget about themπŸ™

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Kidnapped Greenfield varsity students' Ransom now N160m
Read More:
Accidentally #Pikamoon Hamas Sound Sultan #SouthernGovernors #LaiMohammed #HadizaGate Constitution #FLMBusScheme #Kidnappers #Kadunastate #students #Greenfielduniversity #Airdrop

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#greenfielduniversity: Bandits increase demand to N160m

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Human being are no cows. #Greenfielduniversity

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Human being are no cows. #greenfielduniversity

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Any news on the remaining abducted Greenfield students? #Greenfielduniversity

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The abductors of #GreenfieldUniversity students have made fresh demands and dished out newΒ threats.


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π‚πŽππ…πˆπ‘πŒ 𝐅𝐓 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐔𝐋𝐓𝐒 πŽπ… 𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇 π†π€πŒπ„π’ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ #SavePalestine #Greenfielduniversity #ThankYouNurses

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ArrΓͺter le moteur thermique ? Un enjeu dans les prochaines dΓ©cennies ♻️
Les objectifs climatiques fixΓ©s pour chaque pays nous obligent Γ  repenser notre mobilitΓ© pour la rendre plus verte. Explications πŸ‘‰

#GreenMobility #Greenfielduniversity #Train

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This parent can't not afford 100 million Naira and many Nigerians can please support, put your self in a mothers Shoe the hurt the pain the anguish please Nigeria stand up #GreenfieldUniversityStudent. @NOIweala @ProfOsinbajo @realFemiOtedola @ShehuSani @dino_melaye

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@olathrives I advice you watch the video again and remove the bias ( being neutral ) that you know both personality involved. The listen again.

My i ask, did you send condolences message to the parents of the recently slain students of #Greenfielduniversity ?

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Of 17 remaining abducted students of Nigeria’s Greenfield University, one is released after his parents negotiated with the kidnappers and paid a ransom #savegreenfieldstudents #AfricaEd #GreenfieldUniversity #Greenfieldstudents

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@GbengaDare9 @agber_john God Bless u always & may the good Lord Jesus & His Holy Mother keep u close 2 their sacred ❀️s. St Philomena, daughter of Light 2 whom God refuses nothing pls ask Jesus 2 give #Greenfielduniversity students purity of ❀️. St Michael pls protect their families against the darkness.

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@BashirAhmaad You didn't rush to say #BuhariKidnapping when students of #GreenFieldUniversity and many others were kidnapped. Why?

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Have read about the release of the forestry college students by kidnappers, but still vague on #Greenfielduniversity students. Are they still in bandits custody?

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#Nigeria: Released Afaka students reunites with their families.

#AfricaFirst #BreakingNews #Greenfielduniversity #LEINEW #FridayVibes #bluetherapy #orlu #FIFA21 #DavidoAt10 / Supreme Court / Fela / Lille / Femi Adesina /

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3. If any student is killed as a result of your instructed bombardment (like you put it) then you should be held accountable and charged with murder of any student killed as a result of this premeditated action.



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FINALLY The Freed Kaduna forestry students reunite with families, colleagues.

It is well, the untold stories means YOUTHS are power.
It is Naija glitch.

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I'm sorry, we failed to listen. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
#BuhariMustGo #Greenfielduniversity #PantamiResignNow

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There are reports that if the Govt doesn’t meet the demands of the terrorists, more Greenfield University students will be slaughtered.

They have already killed 5 students.

Pls let’s speak up for these helpless children. Lend your voice.

Pls pass this on #Greenfielduniversity

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