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It’s match day – are you ready? Join us to Help the Planet One Bite at a time #MeatFreeMatchdays #MeatFreeLFC #Quorn 👉

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@PartyOatsUK Perhaps they can't deal with the guilt it makes them feel for actively encouraging the atrocities the meat industry commit by keeping animals in appalling and disgusting conditions! #Veganuary #MeatFreeMatchdays #meat #bacon #Foodies

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Ajudando o planeta Terra de pouquinho em pouquinho 🌍

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo e @XS_11official te explicam melhor...

#MeatFreeMatchdays | @QuornFoods

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Helping the planet one match at a time 🌍

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo and @XS_11official explain more...

#MeatFreeMatchdays | @QuornFoods

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Helping the planet one match at a time 🌍

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo and @XS_11official explain more...

#MeatFreeMatchdays | @QuornFoods

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. #MeatFreeMatchdays are coming to @LFC. So exciting to hear pro footballers talking about the environmental impact of the food we eat 🍔 @QuornFoods #Veganuary2021

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มันยอดเยี่ยมมากกับสิ่งที่เราสามารถร่วมทำด้วยกันได้ 🤜🤛

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo และ @XS_11official ร่วมการเคลื่อนไหวที่ช่วยเหลือโลกใบนี้ที่ทำได้ง่ายในแต่ละคำ 🙌

อ่านต่อได้ที่ #MeatFreeMatchdays โดย @QuornFoods


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É incrível o que podemos fazer juntos 🤜🤛

Hendo, Ox e Shaq entraram no movimento! De mordida em mordida, eles querem construir um mundo melhor 🙌

Descubra o que é o #MeatFreeMatchdays, apresentado por @QuornFoods.


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みんなで一緒に取り組んでいこう 🤜🤛

@JHenderson@Alex_OxChambo そして @XS_11official が少しずつ地球を助けるムーブメントに加わりました🙌

@QuornFoods の #MeatFreeMatchdays についての詳細はこちら:

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Kita dapat membuat perubahan besar bersama-sama! 🤜🤛

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo dan @XS_11official telah bergabung untuk membantu planet kita. 🙌

Ketahui dan ikuti gerakan #MeatFreeMatchdays di:


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بالتأكيد يمكننا القيام بالمزيد سويًا! 🤛🤜

هكذا قرر هندرسون وتشامبرلين وشاكيري المشاركة في مساعدة كوكبنا...🙌👌

اعرف المزيد عن #MeatFreeMatchdays مع @QuornFoods 👇

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It’s amazing what we can do together 🤜🤛

@JHenderson, @Alex_OxChambo and @XS_11official join the movement to help the planet one bite at a time 🙌

Find out more about #MeatFreeMatchdays with @QuornFoods 👇

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#MeatFreeMatchdays !!! WHAT THE FUCK EVER NEXT!!!

Bin Modern Day Football, just fucking bin it

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Congratulations @FGRFC_Official, the first vegan club to be promoted to the English Football League #meatfreematchdays

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