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I'm tired of seeing these sports media outlets giving way too much undeserved praise to these Buffalo Bills fans as if their bigotry and racism back in 2016 towards Colin Kaepernick wasn't on full-blown display.

#NeverForget #ImWithKap

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The Ministry of GOP Evil will be cranking propoganda at a record clip. #NeverForget #GOPSeditiousTraitors #AmericaOrTrump

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@DebbieLesko .@DebbieLesko has not once tweeted the name of Officer Brian Sicknick, who was murdered by a mob whipped into a frenzy by Trump, Lesko, and others who hate America with lies about our election. Criminal. #NeverForget #insurrection #sedition #treason

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@andrew_tufts Keep fighting the good fight #NeverForget #CutJaredCook

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There's an awful lot of Republicans that seem to hope we all have ridiculously bad memories. #NeverForget #SeditiousGOP

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@JoeBiden And Cornpop was a bad dude. #NeverForget

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Inbred kings, czars and wizards killed 40 million people in ww1 #History #NeverForget #wwi

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wwii killed ~ 80 million people (Hitler) #Auschwitz #NeverForget #Poland #CancelCulture

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Meles Biruk Beyene
Killed in #GuEguna on December 2
Executed with 19 other civilians by Eritrean soldiers near Goda Bottle and Glass Share Company.


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These 3 hate our constitution and everything it stands for. Remember #Michigan!! #NeverForget

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You support a President who cannot admit the election was not stolen knowing it would be best for the country @RoyBlunt @HawleyMO @RepSamGraves #NeverForget

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@MikeReiss @TomBrady And trump supporter #neverforget

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boycott 🇨🇳 #neverforget

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Brother spent most of his life with Black Athletes and didn’t understand why they kneeled.

Glad you lost. Now retire.


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The most beautiful pass I’ve ever seen on a Sunday. 😢 #NeverForget

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The secret sauce to being even remotely good at terrorism against the #USA, is to be #white and #American.

#CoupAttempt #MAGATerrorists #TrumpTreason #insurrection #Insurrectionists #CapitolBuilding #CapitolRiots #Jan6 #January6th #NeverForget

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The Clippers have a wild perspective on civil rights history.

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The last pass of Drew Brees’ career:

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@maura_resister @JakeLobin BLAME reprehensible Terrorist Leader Trump and his heinous @GOP regime enablers.

@HouseGOP @SenateGOP still refuse to renounce trump and trumpism.

#NeverForget #NeverForgive the visceral damage done, by them, to our Republic.

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Did this Clippers broadcast team just call MLK the original influencer?!?!?

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I blame complicit, spineless, eunuch @VP and his failure to invoke the 25th due to his cowardice and fear of #HasBeen President Donnie. We will #NeverForget and let January 20, 2021, be the last day of Pence’s political career. #RememberTheirNames

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#NeverForget people on your side can be tragically wrong too

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#neverforget that @jack and other cum drinking lib cucks want you dead and your children raped.

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@PatrickHMadden @patobriennyusa Absolutely. I hate it when @patobriennyusa mindlessly parrots MAGA talking points. Of course, absolutely every person who comes near Biden has to be vetted, and traitors like @elisestefanik and even Trump groupie @claudiatenney shouldn’t be allowed to get too close. #NeverForget

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I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and colleagues of @GardenGrovePD on the passing of Lieutenant John Reynolds who passed away from complications from the Coronavirus. #NeverForget #LODD #Prayers

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1) I really am grieving - not for the theft of Trump presidency, but the theft & destruction of our Republic & the Constitution.

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Remember that "if we nominate #MadKingDon our party will be destroyed" part??
So prescient.
May the stench of your #Madman permeate you and the rest of the accomplices - the entire GOP - until the end of time.
#NOMERCY 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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The emotion in this picture:

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JUST IN: President Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office, sources say, though — as of now — not for himself

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18 January 1898 | A Pole, Bolesław Palędzki, was born in Gdańsk. A journalist.

In #Auschwitz from 18 July 1940.
No. 1382
He perished in the camp on 1 April 1941.

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Moderation? More like censorship. Apple says they will only let Parler back on their app store if they start to censor speech—that’s why people liked Parler in the first place, it was a space where free speech was respected. Ridiculous.

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Four years ago today the Mainstream Media was already colluding with Democrats to undo the 2016 presidential results. #NeverForget

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Those Women From Michigan.

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You bought this pony. You enabled it every step of the way. You did everything but offer to wax Trump's car.

You brought yourself here.

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Rudy--who met with Trump yesterday--has a video, “What Really Happened on January 6?” which claims the riot was “pre-planned” by leftists "to slander Trump.” That is the Trumpist line. It's likely to be the GOP line going forward--unless Republican senators vote to convict Trump.

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Lindsey Graham pressured election officials in Georgia to throw out lawful ballots and overturn the result.

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Bills fans started donating to Lamar Jackson’s favorite charity overnight after he left the AFC divisional game with a concussion and the Ravens lost.

Amazing 👏

(h/t @RickRitterWJZ)

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Hundreds of rioters destroyed property, set fires during Trump's 2017 inauguration, and all charges were dropped

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JUST IN—The “Caveman” Peter Francis Stager (from Arkansas) is charged with violently beating a Metropolitan Police officer unconscious on the footsteps of the US Capitol in broad daylight. #CapitolRiot

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