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Typical #Google: rope them in, then double-down and abuse your power. Should be illegal. Should definitely inform your choices. #thread.

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Genius Packaging or Blatant Deception


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📰 #Thread L’ère de la finance autoritaire

Un article remarquable où l’on comprend que le Brexit n’est pas un choix populaire mais au contraire l’avènement de la finance libertarienne qui prône une société encore plus sauvage que le néolibéralisme.

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Our first deal for Valentine’s Day 2021, THE XOXO BOX
6 Swiss buttercream cupcakes
3 fudgy brownies
3 yum Blondies
2 chocolates
1 customized handwritten card(specially created for you)
1 silk rose flower
1 sparkling grape juice
We have 20 slots, send a dm to book now

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Le projet @classcode_fr a pour ambition l’appropriation du numérique et en particulier du #code #datas #IA #eidos64 [ #thread]

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"Lay aside every weight and the sin...", that means, whatever that sin is, he had talked about it before, it is something that they should know by now, now when he says "the sin that so easily besets us", he's saying,


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À l’occasion de la sortie des nouvelles illustrations d’Anna Wanda (@annawandawanda) pour les premiers épisodes d’Un Podcast à Soi, retour sur le numéro 3 : Le gras est politique
#Thread @ARTE_Radio

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Veja na #thread desta quarta-feira (20) as notícias sobre o novo #coronavírus no #Brasil:

➡ Assista com sinal aberto na #GloboNews e no #CanaisGlobo:

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Population numbers will be monitored for the next few years to make sure that they remain healthy & the community can now use their church again as intended🤗💒 #thread 7/7 Photos: Daniel Hargreaves, @RachelConserves, Raking Light, St Nicholas Church & John Salmon

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Thnks to @HeritageFundUK & special @NaturalEngland licence our expert ecologist has installed porch shelving to catch droppings👏Access points to the interior have been blocked, but roosting sites in the eaves & tower remain. We've also put bat boxes in the churchyard #thread 6/7

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Bats have also been badly behaved within the church walls🦇St Nicholas hosts 4 species Natterer's bat, common & soprano pipistrelles & brown long-eared⛪️Unfortunately flying around the inside the church at night their droppings & urine damage the stone, wood & metal #thread 5/7

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Peek behind a curtain covering the organ from 1860 & glimpse the naughty world of the children that pumped the bellows through their creative graffiti with one dated 1916 including a penny farthing bicycle, messages of love & a desperate plea for a 'jam sarnie'🥪 #thread 4/7

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Inside the flint & rubble edifice you will discover the elaborate marble alter tomb of wealthy landowner Thomas Meade dated 1583 🪦 A selection of medieval brasses adorn the walls & marvellous carved oak pews await visitors🙏 #Thread 3/7

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One of the furthest outposts of @chelmsdio, records of Elmdon parish date to 1179 & Roman funerary pottery was found on the church's ancient site🏺Although the current building is mostly Victorian, it rests on C14th foundations & the tower was added in C15th #Thread 2/7

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This week's #BattyChurch is St Nicholas in Elmdon, Essex🌳⛪️Follow the #thread to explore the church & the innovative solutions by expert ecologist @BatMatt20 , church architect & community of @IcknieldWay
to protect the bats & treasures within🦇🏛️1/7

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Rencontrez Amandine Carine NJEUGEUT MBIAFEU notre 1er #profile_de_la_semaine 2021.
Amandine est Doctorante en Télédétection et SIG, Option : Climat Environnement et Développement Durable au Centre Universitaire de Recherche et d'application en Télédétection ( #CURAT)

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Un monnayage pour défendre la cité.⚔️

#Syracuse dut affronter le terrible siège des troupes #romaines de M. Claudius Marcellus en 213-2 a.C.

C'est dans ce contexte qu'apparaît au revers de monnaies de la cité #Zeus⚡️ Strategos, le "chef des armées".

#numismatics #Thread @laBnF

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@Arun_Pangali Bonjour, you can read it here: #Thread நண்பர்கள் பரிந்துரைக்கும் நிறைய படங்களை பார்க்கனும்னு ஆசைப்படுவேன் ஆனா அதுக்கான நேர அவகாசம்… Talk to you soon. 🤖

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On lit beaucoup de tribunes de journalistes qui parlent des mauvaises RP, de communiqués mal rédigés ou de manque de réactivité.
Depuis 2 jours, je peux aussi dire que la honte va changer de camp.

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#Thread #UnpopularOpinion #Promisaprèsjeparleenfrançais
Est-ce qu'on a le droit de se méfier du vaccin sans être automatiquement taxé d'antivax ou de complotiste ? Est-ce que c'est vraiment ça l'important ?

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#THREAD: Less than two decades ago, cinema halls were where you would go to escape the ups and downs of real life. Then came the TV, the Internet and the multiplex — despite that, the appeal of the big screen endured. But Covid-19 hit the industry hard.

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tags: #GOT7NewPage #REDVELVET #StrayKids #gettoknowme #TWICEisLOVE #ArianaGrande #whatilike #thread #HarryStyles #kpop #Netflix #shawnmendes

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I don't know who needs to hear this but you see THAT thing you keep doing to a CHILD or in front of a CHILD because you feel he/she is a CHILD and they can't talk or don't understand what you are up to, what you do TO them or in front of them.

Lemi announce


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💦 L' #eau, ressource épuisable et précieuse.
Devinerez-vs combien de tonnes d'eau tombent en moyenne par an sur mon toit? Oui, tonnes !
💧Dans certains pays, les projections font craindre depuis un certain nb d'années déjà des guerres de l'eau. Croyons-ns être à l'abris ? #thread

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Here's the latest from the @chronicleherald in Halifax ...

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Intel made a big step to protect against malicious attacks. Very eagerly looking forward to the first round of statistics on the effectiveness of the system! | #intel #cybersecurity #Ransomware #Malware #Thread #cpu

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#IA va explorer les activités et proposer et #optimiser des activités adaptées en fonction de la performance des données #datas #IA #eidos64 [ #thread]

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@SecPompeo 2/What is not woke and American AF 🇺🇸about stopping discrimination of Black people, African-Americans, or women?! #Thread

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misinformation,etc being spread in Nation. I have compiled all the official Twitter Handles of all the Government Structure in this #Thread. I urge my fellow citizens to follow these handles in large numbers. The best & acceptable #FactCheck is the one that the of the Government

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And they say it never happened...

It may take time, but God will have the last laugh and justice will be served.

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Our #GlobalTrade Outlook Series webinar, a joint event between #MerseyMaritime @WUBusiness @MaritimeUK and @NBSOmanchester is underway. We are focusing on opportunities between the #UK and #Netherlands today. Follow this #thread for more information.

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Property and tax thoughts - a #THREAD. I don't claim that I am the expert in this, but I have some thoughts on this.
Here goes....

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#MuseumFromHome #FromTheVaults #thread

One of the more striking responses to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the creation and worship of 'Corona Devi' or 'Corona Mata'; a pandemic Goddess popular in several parts of India.

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Heute wird Kamala Harris als erste Frau, als erste Schwarze und als erste Asian-American ins Weiße Haus einziehen. Sie selbst sprach in ihrer Siegesrede von den vielen Frauen, auf deren Schultern sie stehe. Ich möchte Euch heute ein paar dieser Pionierinnen vorstellen:

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Google has announced that it is cutting off access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except Google Chrome. This will make the Fedora Chromium build significantly less functional (along with every other distro packaged Chromium).

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BBC (Full Video): Lekki toll-gate shooting: What really happened? #EndSARS

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