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Let’s tackle CLIMATE CHANGE!⛈@RobertDowneyJr sat down with @JohnKerry to discuss ways we can #UniteForChange.

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Robert Downey Jr. (aka Iron Man) interviews John Kerry on what America can do to galvanize global climate action. Be sure to read our profile on RDJ and check out RDJ’s Footprint Coalition to learn how you can make a difference. #UniteForChange

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@WorldWarZeroOrg @fp_coalition @RobertDowneyJr @JohnKerry This is an illuminating conversion, and a hopeful one. Beautiful effort. Thank you so much for this. #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange
@EdMarkey @AOC @RepSwalwell @RepKathleenRice @DebHaalandNM @PeteButtigieg @JeffFlake @Liz_Cheney @RepDustyJohnson @ASP @MarkRuffalo @ChrisEvans

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Love these two superheroes ❤️ Check out this awesome conversation between @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) and former Secretary of State @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction 🌎 #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

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#Democrats are so loving and kind. LET'S ALL #UniteForChange!

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Just listen to the healing! The unity! The love!

Today’s DM:

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A real life Tony Stark, my friend @RobertDowneyJr is committed to saving our planet. Except in this case, it’s climate change, and not Thanos, wreaking havoc on Earth. Hope you enjoy our conversation: #ClimateAvengers #WorldWarZero #UniteForChange

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👇This! Yep! #WorldWarZero This is the PATH we need to get back on! Robert Downey Jr interviews Secretary John Kerry! #ClimateAvengers #ClimateAction #UniteForChange
tRump and his MAGA supporters shit on our climate.. Now lets get to work!

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Had to get my brain elsewhere for a hot minute--check this conversation between @JohnKerry and @RobertDowneyJr about making an opportunity out of a crisis. #climatechange #uniteforchange

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#UniteForChange take a little time out of your day please to watch 😊

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World Premiere! @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) interviews @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction. Watch it here ➡️ #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

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@fp_coalition @RobertDowneyJr @JohnKerry Woohoo! Heck yeah for climate change! #uniteforchange

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Let’s tackle CLIMATE CHANGE!⛈@RobertDowneyJr sat down with @JohnKerry to discuss ways we can #UniteForChange.

Link to the VIDEO▶️

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#ClimateAvengers! Really enjoyed talking with @RobertDowneyJr - aka Iron Man - about climate change. Watch the whole conversation tomorrow. In the meantime check out the fun trailer RDJ's team made! #WorldWarZero #UniteForChange

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#ClimateAvengers Unite! Don't miss tomorrow's premiere of @RobertDowneyJr and @JohnKerry's conversation on climate. Here's the trailer! #UniteForChange

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We need to #UniteForChange in our awful form...

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We are thrilled to announce that 2-time NBA All-Star, BIG Founder, and Venture Investor, Baron Davis, has joined our team as an Investor and Board Member. Together, we will work to create a more equitable world for all, powered by the COMMUNITYx App. DL today to #uniteforchange!

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এই করোনা মহামারির সময়ে শীতার্ত মানুষের পাশে দাঁড়ানোর ক্ষুদ্র প্রয়াস হিসেবে প্রতি বছরের মতো ওয়ান সার্কেলের পক্ষ থেকে কম্বল বিতরন কার্যক্রম হাতে নেওয়া হয়েছে। আপনার ক্ষুদ্র অনুদান একটি অসহায় পরিবারকে সহায়তা করবে।

বিকাশঃ ০১৮৪১২৯০৯৮৩
#onecirclebd #uniteforchange

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It's #ElectionDay & polls are open in Seminole & Volusia County until 7pm!

All the hard work pays off tonight when we #UniteforChange in #SD9 & start putting the people first in Tallahassee!

Find your polling location at . Let's get out the #vote!

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Our virtual phonebank with @TheMandyMoore is today at 3:30pm!

Please join us as we make calls to get out the #vote for #ElectionDay! #UniteforChange #FlaPol

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I’ve been fighting for Florida’s workers my entire career & that’s why I’m so proud to have the endorsement of @1199SEIUFlorida!

Together, we can #UniteforChange & take that fight to the Florida Senate!

#SD9 let’s get out to #VOTE!

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@SigmanForSenate is a dedicated public servant who will help Floridians recover from this health crisis. Vote early & support her. #WeCareWeVote

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Thank you so much Channy ❤

I'm @SwissCGNY and know the amazing benefits of a government taking care of their people

#UniteForChange even with crazies all around #VoteBidenHarris2020

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@Unite4Change4US @adrielhampton @DanRather I (and many other Europeans) never understood the problem Americans have with socialism. It's right there in the word: being social, caring for others. What is wrong with that?
Anyway good luck next week, most Europeans (not all, cause we have crazy people too) hope Biden wins.

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On Monday at 3:30pm we're making calls to get out the #vote with the amazing @TheMandyMoore!

Together, we're going to flip #SD9 & put the people first in Tallahasssee!

Join us here: #UniteforChange #FlaPol

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I’m proud to have the support of so many powerful women like @AnnaForFlorida & @TheMandyMoore! Let’s win this thing & put the people first in Tallahassee! #UniteforChange

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The incredible @TheMandyMoore giving @SigmanForSenate a shoutout on her IG account!! The content we love to see!! 😍😍

Go VOTE!! 🗳

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One Circle conducted a workshop on Child Protection and Health & Hygiene in Darul Islam Boy's Madrasa.

#onecirclebd #UniteForChange #lifeskills #safeunsafetouch #health #hygiene #covid19 #projectshondhi #education #bangladesh

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One Circle conducted a workshop on Child Protection and Health & Hygiene in Darul Islam Boy's Madrasa.

#onecirclebd #UniteForChange #lifeskills #safeunsafetouch #health #hygiene #covid19 #projectshondhi #bangladesh

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The powerful in Florida are terrified of our campaign to put the people first in Tallahassee. They want another special interest puppet like my opponent instead.

We won't let it happen. Let's win this thing & fight back together! #UniteforChange

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I was so proud to speak today before President @BarackObama about the importance of electing leaders at all levels of government who put the people first! Make sure you have a plan to cast your ballot for @JoeBiden at ! #BuildBackBetter #UniteforChange

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Can we take a page out of #chile book and #VoteHimOut2020 #America we need to re-write the constitution, re-write history and re-unite as people #Republican #democat or #Independent we’re all Americans #uniteforchange #UniteForFreedom #BidenHarris2020

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Please, please, please








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I want to thank @clickorlando for having me on this morning to speak about our campaign to #UniteforChange in #SD9! We had a great conversation about how we can make our government work for the people, not the powerful.

Tune in!

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To be clear, 32% at this point isn't terrible by historical standards, including 2016/2018. It just underscores how much untapped potential there is for Dems in that region of the state.

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It might be #spookyseason, but there's nothing scary about reminding people to get out to #vote!

Thank you to all our incredible volunteers making calls to voters!

Sign up for a shift today! You can make calls from home too!   #UniteforChange #SD9

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Mayor @PeteButtigieg knows that to #WinTheEra, we must all come together to solve the difficult issues facing our nation. I'm thankful for his leadership & proud to have his support as we #UniteforChange in #SD9 to create a brighter future for all Floridians! #FlaPol

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Thank you Mayor @PeteButtigieg for your support of our campaign to #UniteforChange! We’re all in this together to fight for a brighter future for all Americans!

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All across the country, there are so many emerging leaders who are about to make a big impact. They're blazing new trails and will help us build a new and better era.

Meet our final group of 2020 endorsements, 47 outstanding candidates running at the state and local levels:

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Our guy 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏻 #ittakesacommunity #uniteforchange

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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford praises decision to extend free school meals scheme in Wales

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