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@1dessdior it’s almost our birthday #23 #RICHBITCHSHIT

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Mommy honey said it’s sexy when he look up & im working on my business 🤣😍 I’m already knowing daddy ❤️ #RichBitchShit

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Do you like my art!? ☺️ Check out my website in my bio for more! 🧿🐙🐅 #foryou #hot #richbitchshit #PainterOfTheNight

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I got $40 in a class action lawsuit vs a former employer lmao #RichBitchShit

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@rorerorerore From now on I will only refer to truffle fries as #richbitchshit #cookingwithparis

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When let me take care of you come on in the club I sing so loud to my friends cause we all make sure we good no matter what 💚 #RichBitchShit

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Bitch I just dropped a bag on new apartment #richbitchshit

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@amrezy @janiaabaniaaaa Hellooooooo somebody ‼️🤞🏾 that's what I'm talking about Ne Be fuck em if they hatin!!! You must be doing something right for em to dislike u cause everyone can't do what u do although they wishin they could #richbitchshit

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@ai4liberty That’s sounds like it’s #richbitchshit

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Popping out in #Dc 8/27 !!!! #Richbitchshit

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That’s hot☺️ #richbitchshit 😉

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If I said I didn’t get this because of #CookingWithParis, I’d be lying.

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@ParisHilton so far the best episode of #CookingwithParis which makes me constantly giggle is the episode with @Saweetie. Like the energy from is contagious. #richbitchshit

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@Saweetie understood the assignment in #CookingWithParis @ParisHilton #RICHBITCHSHIT. Bless Paris’ heart when she said she never considered her self a rich bitch. And bless Saweetie soul for COMMANDING THAT KITCHEN HOE. She DONT FUCKIN PLAY. YALL SUM LOSERS. NO MISS 4 @Saweetie

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