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Reunion of The Wonders (Oneders) today YouTube @ 4 PDT. Raising $ with That Thing They Did! A hit record! Good, boys! Amos White

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@mattborchert @tomhanks Here it is I subscribed 3 days ago lol

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@BeagleMoon @tomhanks You're gonna be late to the meeting at the secret hideout. Run along now daisy mae.

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 9 months ago

@tomhanks I. AM. SPARTICUS.

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@tomhanks Big hug from Italy!❤❤🤗

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 9 months ago

@tomhanks Eeeeeeee!!! 😀

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i don’t really know why i did this nor how accurate this is or how much sense it makes tbh but (‘:

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karl is gonna do the opposite of what he said he would do...he’s gonna forget himself, he has powers and everytime he travels he drains it. he’s gonna drain it to the point where:

a. he is corrupted
b. loses a canon life
c. gets stuck in a plot he traveled to


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my cat: zzzzzz
me screaming at her about the lore:

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IM GONNA BE POSTING TALES FROM THE SMP THEORIES ALL NIGHT AHH!!! but karl is such an amazing writer and i’m so proud of him<3 #TALESFromTheSmp

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why isn't karl part of the last final war of l'manburg? maybe he was, but looking from afar.

maybe he was watching from the distance, frustrated at himself that he didn't stop another war.


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Basically what the newest Tale in the tales of the dsmp tells us that Dream will forever live on. But it shows that he's dead so does that mean dream loses his last life or does he live on and somehow took control of Ranbob?.... #TalesFromTheSmp #talesfromthedreamsmp

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settings that come with time travel.

later that night, dream pulls him aside for a moment.

“welcome to dream smp 2 karl” he smiles

#TALESFROMTHESMP @KarlJacobs_ @honkkarl

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