Aviation Home School edition. Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences.

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@DBR7134 Profile picture QeutreMcRib(He/Him)


 3 months ago

@ToolTheSecond @VancityReynolds It’s just Aviation Gin in an IV bag. Just don’t ask for the New Parents version, It’s just a Barrel full of Gin they strap to your back with a straw to sip from

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@PopCultRainman Profile picture Renee Gold


 3 months ago

@maddyeisenberg @VancityReynolds @AviationGin This legit gave me math shivers.

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@DBR7134 Profile picture QeutreMcRib(He/Him)


 3 months ago

@langindustry @VancityReynolds He’s been Homeschooling himself

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@VancityReynolds this is the third time you tweeted this, are things okay?

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@ToolTheSecond Profile picture Brenna Toel


 3 months ago

@VancityReynolds Is there a Veterans version?

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@jxsticesociety Profile picture ً


 3 months ago

@VancityReynolds we heard u the first time

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@VancityReynolds If @VancityReynolds is travelling at 20 km/h , and @AviationGin is travelling at 10 km/h, how long will it take for me to intercept the 2 of them and take the gin for myself?

That's 'new math' for ya 😂

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@ShayDmanT Profile picture Seamus Tully


 3 months ago

@VancityReynolds Okay this is getting ridiculous

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Time to help small business owners and people who continue to fall through the gaps in Gov's support schemes - it's been 10 months - plenty of time to fix this @RishiSunak @HMTreasury #ForgottenLtd #BlueMonday @samaritans

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Todos los lunes son #BlueMonday Y PUNTO.

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@silentnightbeds #BlueMonday
This sounds like pure bliss!!
Love my bed so much but this would make the ultimate snooze experience 🤞😊😊

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A reminder of the promise 10 months ago @RishiSunak

10 months of not delivering the promise
10 months with only debt to stay afloat
10 months of @BorisJohnson ignoring what you are doing

Thanks to @samaritans @aBigOrangeHeart

#ForgottenLtd #BlueMonday


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@RishiSunak @Jesse_Norman
Do the right thing? Time to help 2.9m people without the correct level of support. We are all tax payers #DISS #ForgottenLtd #BlueMonday

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