Making of '@Match Made in Hell,' one @Adweek's 'Ads of the Year.' And no, @VancityReynolds isn't Satan. (Technically.)

credit: @rowlandbb

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 1 month ago

@rklotz @MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb No-one can top Tim Curry.

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Appreciating the Maximum Effort here! 👍

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Tim Curry in Legend is not amused.

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Amazing work🤗❤️😊👏👏

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb great job by all!!

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Amazing work!👏😍❤💕💞

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Wow awesome I love the magical of great movies and videos ever with big effects

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@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb @VancityReynolds is the best boss and an Angel not a devil😂

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb Checkout @mightymaxsych version! @MaximumEffort @VancityReynolds

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 1 month ago

@MaximumEffort @Match @Adweek @VancityReynolds @rowlandbb @VancityReynolds is a BOSS!!

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The #Saints turned over the ball 4 times. The #Buccaneers had 0 turnovers. Those 2 statements completely summarize #TBvsNO. #NFLPlayoffs #football #NFCDivisionalRound #Bucs #GeauxSaints #GoBucs #WhoDat #Playoffs #TampaBay #NewOrleans

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You know what else doesn't help? Failing to take advantage of a brilliant return man like Deonte Harris. #Saints should've led 14-0 after his returns, but a field goal and penalty wiped it out #TBvsNO

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Oopsy... 🏈

#WeekendFun #Funny #NFL #TBvsNO #Football #FunTimes #Weekend

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"Buccaneers at Saints" #TBvsNO

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Always the bridesmaid never the bride. See you next year 😂😂 #GoBucs #TBvsNO #FucktheSaints #RaiseTheFlags #Buccaneers

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#Saints #Bucs #saintsvsbucs #TBvsNO #NFLPlayoffs #NFLDivisional #NFLTwitter the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Outlast the New Orleans Saints to move on to the NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. I'm pretty sure that the Green Bay Packers are going to beat the Buccaneers.

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@GeoffJMags Turnovers will kill you, especially in the playoffs !! I loathe the Saints, but always liked Drew Brees !!!

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