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 3 weeks ago

Can’t say that I remember this Kenny Smith haircut.

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@NBACobwebs The Jet need to pay the barber for the whole cut, or get a BOGO next time.

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@finedayforabeer Profile picture Mike


 3 weeks ago

@frostybias @NBACobwebs It took years of therapy to forget, and now you're making me relive the trauma. Why you gotta be like that?

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@DMan4523 Profile picture D


 3 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs I think the razor ran out of juice

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@NBACobwebs woah woah woah what the hell

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 3 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs ya/ll see this @NBAonTNT @TurnerSportsEJ @SHAQ

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@NBACobwebs Don’t let @SHAQ see this 😂

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@frostybias Profile picture Frosty Bias


 3 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs Lol nor do I! At all!

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Mis niñas felicidades!!!!!!😍😍😍😍 #HWAA2ndwin

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Thanks to 네버버.. we got first place again!😭❤ Thank you so so so much, we love you 네버버!!


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kapag nanalo ulit ang (g)i-dle at HWAA tatahol ako sa tono ng HWAA

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