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 2 weeks ago

Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear! May 2021 be filled with the blessings of joy, good health & peace throughout the year!

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@ZazaChilvers @FLOTUS I would deffo prefer to look like melania than the rest of these has beens somebody jealous i think

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 1 week ago

@PBansah @FLOTUS She is no 1st lady. We've seen her naked, that is not 1st lady material

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@JWeber988 @FLOTUS I’m thinking about Barron tonight. You knew Trump was mentally unstable and stayed with him. Pack up your things and Barron’s things and go. Don’t expose him to the monster any longer.

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@58bugeye @FLOTUS One of these rooms is the Russian Kremlin the other two rooms are Melania's renovations at Mar-a-Lago. Guess which one ha ha Ha ha ha

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 2 weeks ago

@FLOTUS I’ve never been to the US but I simply admire your composure. In all these battle for political survival, my thoughts always have been about you. If not for nothing at all, you have been extremely amazing being the First Lady of such a great country. Happy new year to you.

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@FLOTUS We love you and wish you never become a big mouth x 1st lady like M Obama. Healthy New Year

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 2 weeks ago

@FLOTUS @BorisEP I wish your husband a year filled with many indictments.

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@FLOTUS You look so happy

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Medo da minha renite me visitar durante a prova...Boa sorte pra gente #Enem2020

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Boa sorte pra vcs q vai fazer o Enem hj, vcs são incríveis independente de qualquer nota, não se cobrem tanto!!👊🏻❤ Se cuidem, usem máscara e álcool em gel ✨✨

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Boa prova para quem vai enfrentar o #Enem2020

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Bom dia gente, pra quem vai fazer o enem hoje, boa sorte ok? Não esquece a máscara, caneta preta tubo transparente, água na garrafa transparente e o RG.

A gente vai conseguir e a frase mais clichê e importante é você não é sua nota!!


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Krl. Tô postando bosta sem parar desde as 5. #Enem2020 #enem2021 #BolsonaroBroxa #BolsonaroOrgulhoDoBrasil

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Gente... voces sabem se tem indenização por parte do Inep, por danos psicológicos? O é desumano o que fazem. #Enem2020

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indo fazer a prova só sabendo UMA citação que provavelmente nem encaixa no tema que vai ser a redação #Enem2020

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