Trump administration bans imports of cotton and tomatoes from China’s Xinjiang region, citing forced labor

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@Clairely_Me @washingtonpost Well, China is the largest US agricultural export. can’t expect them to buy from us if we don’t buy from them.

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@washingtonpost Should not import any food from Asia.

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 2 days ago

@washingtonpost "Restricted movement and isolation" like the kids in cages in the U.S.??

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@washingtonpost So pruduged

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 2 days ago

@washingtonpost About time he uses his power for something good.

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 2 days ago

@washingtonpost They could have done it 4 years ago. This thing happens over there for decades.

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 2 days ago

@washingtonpost The second right thing they’ve done in four years.

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