A new bat was discovered in Africa — and it’s orange and black like Halloween

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 6 days ago
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 6 days ago
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@Kyle_WThomas @washingtonpost No, because, discovered. You want them to undiscover it now?

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 6 days ago

@PunchTheFascist @washingtonpost No kidding! I was thinking the same

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@washingtonpost TrumpBat

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@Kyle_WThomas Profile picture Kyle Thomas


 6 days ago

@washingtonpost Because the last bat that made the news turned out grreeeat...

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@washingtonpost Why the hell are people still playing with BATS?!?!

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 6 days ago

@washingtonpost DONALD BAT 😏

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 6 days ago

@washingtonpost Same colour as Donald Trump!!!

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 6 days ago
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तुम्हारा रिजल्ट डिसाइड नहीं करता है की तुम लूज़र हो की नहीं.... तुम्हारी कोसिस डिसाइड करती है
@SonuSood @DrPreetiverma @tirth_nath @iRaviTiwari @swamidipankar @Bittu_Tufani @anurag_amlo22 @ankitdoshi0704 @souravjha0610 #ssrbirthday #SSRWaiting4Justice

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Some stay alive and their existence doesn't matter to anyone.

While some die but stay alive in the hearts of millions.

Sushant Singh Rajput might not be alive today but his memories always will.

Happy Birthday .
#SushantDay #ssrbirthday

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Sushant will be in the heart of common man forever #SushantDay #ssrbirthday

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Today is the 35th birth anniversary of late actor # Sushant Singh Rajput

You may not be in this world but you will always be in our hearts

Hope you find peace and happiness wherever you are.

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