Analysis: A House Republican wanted proof of incitement. Here are four rioters who came to D.C. because of Trump.

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@washingtonpost When that Repub stood and asked for proof, he knew that the Dems were not allowed to respond to him. It was a time for representatives to address the chair, not each other. It was just a stunt.

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@washingtonpost Republican Isis. R-Isis.

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@washingtonpost He is alone with the briefcase containing the nuclear codes near him, his hands on the opening locks, his head full of resentment and revenge. brrrrr

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@washingtonpost Just 4?

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@washingtonpost How about the long bullshittery' of pushing election fraudulence claims, and trump's speech as well as his sons were pretty clear

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@washingtonpost When Trump came to power 4 yrs ago & began "ruling" by tweet instead of holding cabinet meetings & taking Q's at press confs, shouldn't that have been a huge warning that something wasn't right? That maybe he was trying to hide the fact he had no f'n idea how to run a complex..

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