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 5 days ago

Some hospital leaders and local officials have resorted to creative solutions -- offering gifts or cash incentives -- to employees who agree to be immunized.

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@ABC What, are they two year olds?

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@ABC Getting my first dose today! 💉

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@Eric_Cha93 @ABC LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!

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 5 days ago

@ABC My incentive for getting the vaccine?

I'll have a better chance of not dying from Covid-19 and won't be part of this terrible statistic.

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 5 days ago

@ABC If essential employees don’t want the vaccine, don’t allow them paid leave when they get Covid... I’ll take theirs!

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 5 days ago

@ABC This is just another reason we need to have a debate on Health Care reform that centers around the actual care people receive and not the insurer. Doctors have stood in the way of single payer health care cause of widespread greed, racism, and lack of tactical awareness.

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@ABC Vaccinate my family and I!!!! we don;t need bribes-- just the fricken vaccine!

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 5 days ago

@ABC Not with too much success, their heals are dug in.

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 5 days ago

@ABC I'd take a $10 gift card to be vaccinated, absolutely. They should give out candy, like they do at the Doctors when you were a kid, that way all the adult-children would be swayed.

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 5 days ago

Nearly 4,000 Americans were killed by the coronavirus Wednesday and more than 234,000 new cases were diagnosed. As hospitals struggle to keep up, there is growing frustration over the vaccine rollout. @ErinNBCNews reports.

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**Giro do Placar**

82 Sporting 0-1 Porto
60 #LEICHE 2-0
75 Southampton 1-0 Shrewsbury
58 Roma 1-2 Spezia
46 Alavés 1-2 Sevilla

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Why does rudiger even play anymore????? #LEICHE

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Un equipo millonario jugando a nada. Tremendo baile le esta
dando el Leicester . #LEICHE

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If not for mendy ...Chelsea for don soak akamu 😂😂😂😂😂 #LEICHE

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Leicester with a coordinated attack...Mendy 🙌🙌 #LEICHE

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Attendez Thiago Silva il est capitaine ça fait 3 mois il joue à Chelsea 😂 #LEICHE

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#3 @Wesley_Fofanaa be dealing with Abrahms ... @Madders10 enjoying himself here tonight ...


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You Dey support Chelsea buh wen we talk one den you talk two.

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