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 6 days ago

.@GMA EXCLUSIVE: “I was counting down my breath, my blinks, I was like, God, I'm coming. I guess this it for me.”

Jacob Blake speaks out to @michaelstrahan in the first interview since the police shooting that sparked nationwide protests.

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@GMA @michaelstrahan They found a BOX CUTTER in #JacobBlake's car...then tried to say he tried to cut the officer...while his back was turned?
That's impossible!

LIES the police told are absurd.

We all seen the videos. The domestic disturbance Jacob committed didn't deserve being shot SEVEN times.

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@GMA @michaelstrahan “All I Can Say Is JESUS...2020 WHAT A YEAR...Praying That 2021 Turn Around After January 6, 2021...

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 6 days ago

@GMA @TheUndefeated @michaelstrahan If the officer is not going to be charged, What purpose does this interview serve? Not saying he didn’t want to do it, but damn let the man live.

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@GMA @620wtmj @michaelstrahan Just listened to the story - Gene, please clarify when you say 2 people died last summer it was at the hands of a racist white man.

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@GMA @michaelstrahan I’m Richie Skaggs with, ‘Music for Veterans.’
Please watch our current Video to learn more about #MusicForVeterans
God bless you and yours and God bless America🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
-Richie Skaggs, ‘Music for Veterans.

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@GMA @michaelstrahan what a cruel world

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 6 days ago

@GMA @michaelstrahan ask him what he was thinking when he go to get the weapon

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 6 days ago

@GMA @michaelstrahan Great interview Michael.

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La vida donante, en pandemia, siguió. @eduardom_jpg @ONT_esp
#FelizJueves #Espana
con éxito en trasplantes en plena #pandemia

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#PeleasdeArriba #tierradelvino #Zamora #RutadelaPlata #Spain #FernandoIII #history #歴史 #travelphotography #FelizJueves #Zamora_Adelante

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Hoy #21Enero en #Melilla
el cielo estará nuboso. Tendremos una temperatura mínima 11 grados y una máxima de 21. El viento soplará del oeste y el suroeste a hasta 15 kilómetros por hora.

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Es importante aprender a escuchar a los demás, pero no para entenderlos, sino para usar en su contra sus propios argumentos.

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Muy Cosplays días gente, estamos a Jueves y en nada volvemos al fin de semana. Muchos ánimos #FelizJueves ❤️

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Bueno,cierto y útil,los tres puntos que debe cumplir algo digno de ser dicho 🤔💭😃
#rrss #comunicacion
#blog #FelizJueves

Click aquí ⏬

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@luismerlo_actor Buenos días y que frase tan certera y hermosa.

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