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"I thought it would be one cool, great Super Bowl ad. I had no idea that three years later, I’d still be doing it." — Michael Bublé

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The Olympics Ad Engine suggests how new sports can be modified to help achieve five different marketing objects.

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Veganuary is a movement that encourages people to go vegan for a month—and it’s growing rapidly, linking with nearly 100 brands like Costco, Yelp, Robeks, Albertsons and Nestle.

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Could this be the future of product placement?

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An air freshener that knows how much scent to release, a more water-efficient way to do dishes and more @ProcterGamble innovations inside the virtual home of tomorrow.

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ANALYSIS | Big retailers are poised to expand their umbrellas in 2021, with an eye to both thriving DTC players and struggling legacy brands.

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The post-holiday rush of returns has begun, and retailers are finding new ways to make the process less painful for customers — and their bottom lines.

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One of these rebrands received high praise—the other, not so much. Learn why presentation matters when unveiling a new logo.

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This PSA campaign is pure and straightforward—all the better to inoculate against doubts about Covid-19 vaccinations.

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The creative trends slated to dominate 2021 include compassionate, psychedelic, gradient and electronic audio content.

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These are the brands that have severed or limited their financial ties with Trump and his allies following the Capitol riots.

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Having a meh morning? Here's Daveed Diggs singing an environmental-focused variation of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" to brighten up your day.

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After a year that physically and emotionally divided those around the world, Australian Lamb is ushering in 2021 by humorously calling for unity in a short film by that's full of subtle sight gags and movie checks.

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Even crunchier than Checkers' Monster Cruncher chicken sandwich is the sound 2020 made under its monster truck's wheels.

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Ashton Kutcher faces an existential crisis wrapped in a mystery in Cheetos' new 30-second Super Bowl teaser

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“The convergence of art and tech is stronger and more important than ever so here’s hoping we helped inspire people,” said @UNIT9's Jason Legge of the @metmuseum virtual experience with @Verizon.

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Adweek's @jasonlynch spoke with The CW's chairman and CEO about how the network has been navigating Covid-19, losing the coveted “Netflix bump” after that streaming deal lapsed, and when he expects to see something resembling a normal schedule.

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#CES2021 showcased health-related products at its conference this year that could help consumers during the pandemic.

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.@AdColony's Sheeva Banton: After deciding to go all-in on the Super Bowl despite the initial hesitancy, there are still momentous decisions brands must face, specifically around creative messaging.

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Much about #SuperBowl2021 remains up in the air, but out-of-home advertisers aren't sitting on the sidelines. Here's how Tampa Bay's Big Game will look different from years past.

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