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#Netfriending® TV 2.0 Talk Show Host — "I connect people to their passions and to each other for purpose, pleasure, and/or profit." — April 2.0


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#ClubhouseSoundBites — Great stuff!

"Other people's thoughts and feelings about you are NONE of your business." — Cliff Ravenscraft @cliffeotc

Jump into a seat with Cliff on @joinClubhouse and have a conversation with him! I PROMISE that you WILL be blessed by his wisdom!!

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Listening to the @joinClubhouse Town Hall right now, and I just LOVE the mindset of its CoFounder @pdavison ... not to mention, he seems like someone I could totally befriend! Love this platform so so much!!!

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Giving a warm welcome to @ParisHilton who just joined @joinClubhouse. #ClubhouseApp

Been following her journey and would love to be able to connect with her on this amazing app!!!

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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

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Queens *Unusual Incident* Box 3130. 88-01 Queens Blvd. Bn-46 has a vehicle w/possible explosives. Queens Place mall evacuated. FD staging, NYPD investigating.

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If you're a #specialneeds parent who is already using the @joinClubhouse app, please join me & Deborah Vyborny for conversation & connection today at 2:00 PM ET.

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I'm discussing “Special Needs Parenting” with Deborah Vyborny. Tomorrow, Jan 1 at 2:00 PM EST on @joinclubhouse. Join us!

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I'm discussing “Servant Leadership and Beyond - The #Netfriending®️ Way” with @RoyMontero. Today, Dec 30 at 9:00 PM EST on @joinclubhouse. Join us!

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If you're on #ClubHouseApp, join us tonight at 9 PM ET. “Is your WHY bigger than your BUT for being on Clubhouse?” Take a seat with us and tell us your "WHY" for being there. We want to hear your experience so far!!!

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Big THANKS to this 15 year old Boy Scout, Tyler Perry, for taking action to help first responders care for our kiddos with special needs!!!!

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"wan" was not a typo ... it was a message to Patriots!

WAN (wide area network) is a large network of info that is not tied to a single location. WANs can facilitate communication, the sharing of info & much more between devices from around the world through a WAN provider.

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Replying to @MrBeastYT: I’m going to give 5 people that retweet this tweet $10,000 each to celebrate Christmas! (Make sure you follow me so I can dm…

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Reports of active shooter situations in Oregon, Texas, and Miami. I saw Bayside, Miami and Grapevine, TX confirmed ... but not Portland.

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If you're on @joinClubhouse and a contrarian who desires to connect with trailblazers (like me), be sure to follow me on #ClubhouseApp. I love speaking with others while being vulnerable in the process!! Can't wait to meet YOU!!! — #April2Point0

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Winter Wonderland in #EastTennessee. Merry Christmas y'all!!! ☃️❄️🎄

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I’m going to give 5 people that retweet this tweet $10,000 each to celebrate Christmas! (Make sure you follow me so I can dm you if you win!). I will show proof!

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Quoted @JeffTheGK

How heartless & manipulative does the Left have to be to tell a kid that Santa Clause could die from COVID-19 unless he gets the vaccine?

WOW, I have no words! Okay, wait - I do! Let's lie to kids instead of telling them the truth. This is how it all starts ... "innocent" lies adults tell while convincing themselves it's for some greater good. This is why we have skeptical kids who grow up to be skeptical adults!!

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I am REALLY sad that the @joinClubhouse app is only for iOS users right now. I have an android phone and 2 iPads. The version of iPad # 1 isn't compatible with the app and iPad # 2 is mostly occupied by my autistic (nonverbal son). Going to need to find a used iPad tomorrow!

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StreamYard Giveaway! #giveaway #win

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Right here is a PURE heart! If you are in need OR want to be of service to someone in need, pls read this thread & follow the instructions!

@lebronsonroids, THANK YOU for taking the lead in putting this together. I can only imagine how flooded your DMs must be! Bless you!!

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Parenting can be lonely at times. I help parents connect & build lasting friendships online. I'm a TV 2.0 Talk Show Host with a child on the #AutismSpectrum.

"April's real approach to making connections will inspire & encourage you." — @CherFocused

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