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Clayton F Ruebensaal

In search of the rare, special, and sublime in the world of marketing.

New York City

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Quoted @AmexBusiness

Join @Momofuku founder @DavidChang as he talks crisis, opportunity & thinking beyond 4 restaurant walls with Clayton Ruebensaal (@claytonIII), EVP of Global B2B Marketing #AmexBusiness on Wed, August 12th at 3pm EST on . Reply here with questions for David.

Looking forward to it!

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Replying to @hughweber: Watching @abbottmiller of @pentagram talk about tweaking and twerking with @claytonIII of @AmericanExpress was a highlight o…

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Quoted @michaelbierut

"Tweaking and twerking" a classic brand identity with @AmericanExpress's @claytonIII and @pentagram's @abbottmiller at @DesignObserver's DB|BD Conference at @YaleSOM

Thank you for giving us a platform to share our story Michael - it was a blast.

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Watching @abbottmiller of @pentagram talk about tweaking and twerking with @claytonIII of @AmericanExpress was a highlight of the @DesignObserver conference for me. The biggest ideas can often require focusing on the smallest of details.

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How do you truly engage through tech? Making #experience as frictionless as possible says @claytonIII of @AmericanExpress. #CX #BGB2016

Thank you for including me @interbrand. Great topic critical to all marketers.

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But I don't want to be a pirate #mensfashion

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No backpacks at the airport please. It's like two humans - one being swung around on the other's back. #traveltips

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luxury marketing in 2016. Spike Jonze = badass @kenzo #luxury #marketing

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I've found my new aspiration @TOMFORD thank you

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Quoted @Ozzypallooza

@ClaytonIII Great seersucker suit! NYC workers share secrets to staying cool while dressed up via @luxury

Thank you Ozzy. I think I was inspired by your preppiness.

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Evolving from uniformity seems good, but lazy dressing shouldn't be the solution men #style #mensfashion @NYTStyles

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Thank you for including me Bloomberg! @business

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Is the shark too much for a 6 year old? @Hermes Man that would look sharp going through HKG

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For anyone evaluating creative ideas, a good yardstick by @xloubellxx via @FastCoCreate /

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