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Here to talk about Twitter best practices for nonprofits. #TwitterTips
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tested the Tips feature, turns out people love money

rolling out on iOS with Android coming soon

📢 Tips are here, which means charities and NGOs can get some more love on Twitter 🤑. See how to send and receive Tips 👇

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More info on how to activate a conversation card 👇

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This World Suicide Prevention Day, we have one simple message for anyone who's struggling.


Stand with us and help us tell anyone and everyone who can't see a way out: "Things can change". To say to them: "Please stay".

✅ Use a conversation card to amplify your message

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Um momento pode durar uma vida inteira com Twitter Moments⚡️

Seja um evento, campanha, ou arrecadação de fundos, use os Momentos do Twitter para re-capturar e compartilhar as histórias e informações mais importantes para você e as pessoas que você atende.

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🎙️ Space with @mentalhealthPH in the Philippines

Use Twitter Spaces to host a conversation and share about the work you're doing for a cause you care about.

Here's a great example for #WSPD2021, happening tomorrow 👇🏽

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let’s talk about how Communities will work (for now!)

behold, a thread 👇 (1/7)


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Twitter Momentsで一時的な出来事も永遠に残すことができます。募金活動、ボランティア活動など重要なイベントがあれば、Twitter Momentsを使うことで大切な瞬間やストーリーを収集して保存することができます。

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A moment can last a lifetime... with Twitter Moments ✨

Whether it's a fundraiser, volunteer event or key milestone, use Twitter moments to capture and curate stories that are important to you and the people you serve.

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Quoted @mentalhealthph

Sep 10 is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay!

#UsapTayo (Let's talk) to raise awareness and reduce the stigma on suicide together with our partners in Asia. Join us in #CreatingHopeAsia on Sept 10 at 6PM (PHT) via @TwitterSpaces in promoting actions to zero suicide cases.


You are not alone. Join our mental health partners in Asia Pacific next Friday, 10 September @TwitterSpaces for a conversation, or just for a listen👂

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Replying to @TwitterSupport: Now testing: Safety Mode to help reduce disruptive interactions on Twitter.

Automatically block accounts that add unwe…

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Introducing Safety Mode. A new way to limit unwelcome interactions on Twitter.

Now testing: Safety Mode to help reduce disruptive interactions on Twitter.

Automatically block accounts that add unwelcome replies, Quote Tweets, and mentions to your convos. If you're in the test, you can turn on Safety Mode in your "Privacy and safety" settings.

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Ingin terhubung dengan para followermu di Twitter? Kamu bisa seseruan dengan bikin jajak pendapat versi sendiri. Begini caranya👇

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Want to hear from your followers? Use polls on Twitter to solicit feedback 👇🏽

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Replying to @UNYouthEnvoy: Welcome back to the #YouthLead Innovation Festival 👏

We've heard directly from young ppl that there was a lack of youth-…

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Welcome back to the #YouthLead Innovation Festival 👏

We've heard directly from young ppl that there was a lack of youth-friendly digital safety materials available so we worked with Twitter to develop a key resource.

👋 @Nonprofits let's show folks what we've been working on?!

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@TwitterSpaces 🔴 We are LIVE!

Twitter Space discussion ‘Beyond Lockdown: Youth Mental Health’ is happening now.

Join us from your iOS or Android device 👋

A good example of how to use Spaces✨to mark events that matter most to your organisation and to engage a wider community. #InternationalYouthDay

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Quoted @samaritansofsg

Many wounds cannot be seen outwardly. Whatever you are going through on the inside, we will be here to listen.

Help is now #OnQuickDial. Talk to us at 1-767 (previously 1800-221 4444).

Conversation cards are a great way to share your content and drive your campaign and conversation on Twitter. Check out @samaritansofsg's convo card encouraging people going through a hard time to reach out👇

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Uma forma de melhorar é ter canais para receber feedback. ↔️

Vocês querem ouvir seus seguidores? Use as enquetes do Twitter para saber o que eles pensam de forma interativa e rápida.

Saiba mais na Central de Ajuda, mas também envie-nos suas perguntas. 👇

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Quoted @ICRC_AsiaPac

Dignity of the dead must always be ensured and protected.

Join us on @TwitterSpaces to discuss questions, worries, and guidance on COVID-19 and management of the dead.

Wed, Aug 11 7pm to 7:30pm (Bangkok)
Send your thoughts and inquiries on the topic using #QforICRC_AsiaPac.

📢Join in @ICRC_AsiaPac on @TwitterSpaces on 11 August. Remember to use #QForICRC_AsiaPac to raise a question or share your thoughts with them.

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Hi @NetsafeNZ 👋 Free to chat?

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Tomorrow, we’re chatting to our partner @NetSafeNZ about 🇳🇿’s inaugural #NetSafetywk21 and the team’s top tips for staying safe online. Mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss out!

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