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The Black Agenda calls for policymakers to take these steps to close the Black wealth gap:

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Georgia made this abundantly clear last week, but the buck doesn't stop there. Now it's time for the leaders we elected to pay for our votes by holding them accountable. The Black vote ain't free, after all.

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"The other day, because this is America, the 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else's cotton went to the polls and picked her youngest son to be a United States senator."

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Replying to @TheNapMinistry: I don't need to "excel" to prove my worth. My birth secured this and my Ancestors built this country and thrived. Why w…

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Georgia! Make sure that you are tapped in with these important dates for the Runoff Elections! #LetsDoItAgain #JobNotDone

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I don't need to "excel" to prove my worth. My birth secured this and my Ancestors built this country and thrived. Why would I need to prove anything?

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Congress Set To Vote On MORE Act The First Week of December

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Today, we acknowledge Movement for Black Lives – M4BL (@Mvmnt4BlkLives) and their work in crafting The Breathe Act. When passed, The Breathe Act will be the most comprehensive federal policy for Black people since the Civil Rights Act.
Check them out!

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Advocates & organizers across the country have been successful at getting “ban the box” legislation passed in 36 states & over 150 cities & counties. Full “ban the box” legislation will help people with felony convictions the ability to obtain employment & have successful reentry

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Black Agenda 2020* calls for the decriminalization of marijuana and the expungement of records for any individuals charged with misdemeanor marijuana charges.
*Our Black Party supports legalization of marijuana and amnesty.

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Cash bail is one of the many ways that Black people are further criminalized for being poor and pushed deeper into poverty. The system drains from people who already have few financial resources BECAUSE of the impacts of systemic racism. It is unfair and criminal itself.

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The vision for Black futures is one that reduces the presence of law enforcement, restricts the use of jail and prisons as a punishment for minor offenses, and stops the building of new prisons.

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Community safety ≠ more police
The Black agenda proposes a vision of community safety that does not rely on more police or more jails to keep our communities safe.

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In this country, law enforcement and incarceration are used far too often to solve problems that it should not be meant to solve. Not only should we invest more money in community programs and services, we must also limit the use of law enforcement to create safe communities

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The water crisis in Flint is still ongoing. And, it's just one of the many climate-related crises that our communities have endured in just the last twenty years. Unusually high winds, heavy rains, flooding, and hurricanes are all signs of the global climate crisis.

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Tonight at 6pm EST join steering committee member @leawebb1014 and Mayor of Prairie View, TX, @brianerowland as they discuss what the Black agenda demands for us to be powerful in our democracy right here @ourblackparty. Tune in! #IGTV

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