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Working and parenting during a pandemic is uniquely challenging—but some solidarity goes a long way. The parents at Slack formed a supportive community to celebrate the joys and share the struggles. Here's a behind-the-scenes look. ❤️

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Reduce emails by 80%? Even with outside agencies? Yep. Totally possible. Likely, even, with Slack Connect. Start working faster with outside agencies using this guide:

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The future of work is ours to create. These ideas from Slack Fund–backed startups @notionHQ @comptHQ @taradotai and @Donut show how companies can adapt and thrive in this new era.✨

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The emoji possibilities in Slack are practically endless, especially when you add your own or install some from our handy emoji packs. Here's a quick refresher on how to do just that. ♾

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We can't help but join in on the fun. So, here we have 21 of our most favorite emojis, on the 21st minute of the 21st hour (PT) of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. ⏰🧹🚀🦝💡🌈🔥💯🧦🚢🍕🦋🧶🍿🙇🏆🧠➕🎯🎉✨

Which favorite emojis would you add?

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A 'SexySlack' tik tok @slackhq @stewart @timbaland @jtimberlake #slack #workmemes #workfromhome

brb changing our status to "take it to the friiidge"

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Finding it harder to make sure your contributions are seen and valued now that you're working remotely? We feel you. Here are some Slack tips for visibility. 💼

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Replying to @KellyLepo: My contribution to this year's #HackAAS was making a bunch of custom emoji for the #AAS237 slack. You're welcome. Also, this…

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Does anyone know how many hours are in a year? We’re pretty sure it’s fewer than 9,000, which is the number of hours the @QuickBooks support team has saved by using Slack.

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Keep track of conversations on all your accounts (and preserve your peace of mind) by assigning them all separate channels. ✨ #RealChannels

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Replying to @trailhead: Salesforce + @SlackHQ = work from anywhere bliss

Tune in to our #TrailheadLIVE session on Wednesday, 1/13 @11AM PT to learn…

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Salesforce + @SlackHQ = work from anywhere bliss

Tune in to our #TrailheadLIVE session on Wednesday, 1/13 @11AM PT to learn how remote teams use Slack & Salesforce to:

✅Improve customer relationships
✅Close deals faster
✅Improve productivity

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My contribution to this year's #HackAAS was making a bunch of custom emoji for the #AAS237 slack. You're welcome. Also, this was a lot of fun.

All of the files can be found here, if you want to add them to your own slack:

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Yesterday someone's laptop went into one hundred years of solitude to update to the latest software right before a meeting 😔 , but it worked out, because Slack Calls now supports video on mobile, so you can video call from wherever you are. 🤳

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Many of us will be taking a dive into employee evaluation waters in the coming weeks. We’ve updated our swimming tips for from-a-distance performance reviews. 🏊

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Customers may be experiencing issues connecting and using Slack at this time. Our team is currently investigating and we’re sorry for any troubles this may be causing. Please see for updates.

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Somehow, someway, 12 months have passed, and we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the momentous moments of the past year... in a Twitter moment. 🥳

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Hey ... How's it goin'? While we have you, tell us through your little screen what's on your big screen.

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Quoted @bentossell

Just built: Xmas Playlist in @SlackHQ Workflow Builder.

Click a workflow to open a message and link to Spotify Christmas playlist 🎄☃️

(Need to be careful if you're playing WHAMAGEDON)

Holiday playlist with a side of eggnog, please. ✨

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From @automate to @zapier, these 14 automation apps will bump your Slack workflows up to the next level. ⚡️

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Sometimes you just need a minute to 🤔. Why dive into 💯 or giving the 👍 before you’re ready? #ThisReacjiMeans

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Work flows faster when you and your customers have a single place to work together. Here's how to build stronger relationships in Slack, all while decreasing turnaround time for customer responses by 60%.

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