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She was 12 when her grandparents were swept away by the tsunami. Ten years on she still can’t escape the past From @1843mag

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What can AI reveal about what it means to be human? Nobel laureate Sir Kazuo Ishiguro is @AnneMcElvoy’s latest guest on “The Economist Asks”

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English students pay some of the highest prices in the world to attend university. The pandemic has left them paying just as much for a worse time

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Several studies show that, even if face-mask wearers do get covid-19, their disease is milder. Now researchers think they may have worked out why

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On this week’s “Money Talks” podcast with @SimonLong55:

-Why inflation fears will continue to plague the bond market
-The diplomatic minefield facing the world’s most indebted countries
-And, lessons in listening from a hostage negotiator

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Few businesses will struggle with social distancing more than nightclubs. But, as @EthanCroft98 tells “The Intelligence”, the scene was suffering before covid-19

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After Fukushima nuclear had the lowest global public support of all energy sources. But it is one of the safest forms of electricity production

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The Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson's fiancée plans to pay for the refurbishment of Number 10 through a privately funded charity

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Vaccine programmes reveal the divisions, inequalities and problems of governance in many Latin American countries

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Out of the 56 British constituencies that will benefit from Rishi Sunak's “towns fund”, 47 are held by the Conservatives

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Britain's increased spending and tax cuts together represent a giveaway worth some 3% of GDP

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Chile's swift and orderly vaccine programme, on track to cover 80% of its 19m people by June, contrasts with the rest of Latin America

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Each week, one of our journalists explains the ins-and-outs of our spreadsheets in our new data newsletter. Sign up:

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The inquiry into Nicola Sturgeon's role in the Alex Salmond affair has revealed flaws in Ms Sturgeon’s government

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The age of the UBI has not dawned, but the ordeal of covid-19 could bring it closer

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On our “Checks and Balance” podcast this week:

-@imkahloon on Donald Trump’s reappearance
-Maryland’s governor @LarryHogan reveals the secret to winning
-Rush Limbaugh’s legacy

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Amnesty recently decided to stop calling Alexei Navalny a “prisoner of conscience” because of xenophobic comments he made years ago

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In its heyday, the Chinese village of Dazhai was called a place of miracles. Then it fell from grace. Now, it is trying for a third act. Will it work?

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China’s leaders once bristled at the idea that their parliament was merely there to rubber-stamp policies. Now, @DSORennie tells “The Intelligence”, that pliancy is a point of pride

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Governments have a chance to create a new social safety net for the post-covid world—they must seize it. Our cover this week

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