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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund


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Sending you lots of birthday magic, @DrewBrees. I hope it carries through to this weekend.

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Anyone else?

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I met Kasen today. He gave me THAT look, and so much more.

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Quoted @HourlyFerret

its party time

Sharing this clip for anyone who’s in the pits.

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When he shows up as a paramedic, he can say, “I’m here, there’s noooooothing to fear.”

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Have you ever gotten drunk and legally changed your name to Celine Dion? Well, my guest today has.

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Anybody else think they’re having a great hair day until they see themselves on Zoom?

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#MothMask has me completely stumped. Anyone have any thoughts? #TheMaskedDancer

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Loving all of the clues for #ZebraMask! Who could it be? It’s got to be either an athlete or a zebra... #TheMaskedDancer

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#TheMaskedDancer is back! Tune in tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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Happy birthday, @OfficialJLD. I hope it’s a peach.

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We didn’t finish my #12DaysofGiveaways last year, but nothing was gonna stop me!

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I’d like to talk about something positive… my COVID test.

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Here's a meme to brighten your Monday. #GameofGames is on tonight!

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I hope you’re all doing okay and hanging in there the best you can.❤️

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Officer Eugene Goodman outnumbered, dozens to one, is being recognized for his heroic efforts to lure rioters away from the Senate Chambers last Wednesday during the insurrection. @LauraAJarrett @ChristineRomans

In the midst of a tragedy, so many incredible people stood up to help. #EugeneGoodmanIsAHero

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Praying for Dre

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Happy birthday, @Diane_Keaton. I’m pretty sure I love you more than you love ice-cold red wine.

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