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Mutes on v2 ✅

A little peace and quiet never hurts. Today, we’re launching the mutes lookup endpoints, which completes mute functionality on the #TwitterAPI v2. Use the mutes endpoints to give people safer, more comfortable experiences on Twitter.

The mutes lookup endpoint is now available on the Twitter API v2.

Learn more about this endpoint.

#TwitterAPI #v2

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Better believe it, OAuth 2.0 is nearly here!

We’re releasing OAuth 2.0 into beta on the Twitter API v2, and you're all invited to request access today. Let us know what you think and learn more in the forum post 👇

Today, we’re launching an OAuth 2.0 beta!

Learn more ⬇️

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Another tool for your data compliance arsenal. 🛠

The batch compliance endpoints provide an additional tool to help keep your datasets reflective of the current state of content on Twitter and in compliance with the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy.

Today, we’re launching the batch compliance endpoints that make it easy for developers using the Twitter API to keep their Twitter data in compliance with our Developer Agreement and Policy.

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess

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All systems go! Help shape the future of Twitter Spaces with the new Spaces endpoints. ✨

Today, we’re launching the new Spaces endpoints to the Twitter API v2.

#TwitterAPI #v2 #EarlyAccess

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Learn more in our forum post:

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The Engagement API doesn't support video views for these older Tweets. This new object is called unsupported_for_video_views_tweet_ids, and will include a comma-separated list of Tweet IDs that are older than 1800 days old to help identify these unsupported Tweets.

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Previously, we delivered zero values for video views on Tweets that were older than 1800 days via the enterprise Engagement API without context. Starting today, you’ll receive a new object in your response that helps clarify the situation.

#TwitterAPI #Enterprise

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Today, we are making image alt text available in the Twitter API v2 media object.

#TwitterAPI #v2 #EarlyAccess

Learn more via our forum announcement:

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Retweet endpoints are now available on the #TwitterAPI v2, enabling developers to build new solutions for engaging in, and understanding, the public conversation.

We won't mind if you use this Tweet to practice with the POST method 😉

Today, we’re launching new Retweets endpoints into Twitter API v2.

#TwitterAPI #v2 #EarlyAccess

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Does unfollowing or blocking sometimes feel a bit too harsh? Consider muting instead.

You can now build with the manage mutes endpoints on the #TwitterAPI v2 to give people more control over the content they see on Twitter.

Today, we’re launching new manage mutes into Twitter API v2.

#TwitterAPI #v2 #EarlyAccess

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Today, we announced the release of two new reliability features for the Twitter API v2 streaming endpoints: redundant connections and backfill.

Learn more about these features in our forum announcement:

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #v2

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The recent Tweet counts and full-archive Tweet counts endpoints are now available on the Twitter API v2.

Learn more about these endpoints via our forum announcement:

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #v2

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Announcing new improvements to team functionality in the #TwitterAPI developer portal to improve the invitation flow and experience for developers.

Learn more👇

Today, we’re launching improvements to the functionality of teams in the developer portal.


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The blocks and Likes lookup endpoints are now available on the Twitter API v2.

Learn more about these endpoints, including new functionality only available on v2!

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #v2

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We will be retiring the standard v1.1 GET help/configuration endpoint at the end of May.

To learn more, please visit our forum announcement.

#TwitterAPI #v1 #retirement

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To learn more about these endpoints, please visit our forum post.

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Introducing the manage Likes endpoints to the #TwitterAPI v2. Liking Tweets is one of the core aspects of the Twitter experience. Developers can now use these endpoints to like or unlike a specified Tweet on behalf of an authenticated account.

Today, we’re launching the new manage Likes endpoints into Twitter API v2.

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #v2

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These endpoints enable you to block or unblock accounts on behalf of a user. Learn more in the forum post announcement.

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #v2

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It’s finally here! 🥁 Say hello to the new #TwitterAPI.

We’re rebuilding the Twitter API v2 from the ground up to better serve our developer community. And today’s launch is only the beginning.

Twitter API v2: Early Access released

Today we announced Early Access to the first endpoints of the new Twitter API!

#TwitterAPI #EarlyAccess #VersionBump

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