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I play football, avoid the sun and put crosses in. Made in Scotland, found in Liverpool. 🔴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Not what we wanted but it’s a clean sheet and a performance to build on #YNWA

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Replying to @Carra23: Episode 12 of series 2 @GreatestGamePod

@LFC left back @andrewrobertso5

• Celtic fan ⚽️
• Klopp’s Dad dancing 🕺🏻
• Trophi…

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Episode 12 of series 2 @GreatestGamePod

@LFC left back @andrewrobertso5

• Celtic fan ⚽️
• Klopp’s Dad dancing 🕺🏻
• Trophies at Liverpool 🏆
• Null & Void 🤷‍♂️
• Facing Man Utd 👊🏻

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Come on Gary 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎯

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Happy New Year guys! Here’s to 2021!! It’s been a tough and strange year for everyone but I hope you’re all safe and well.

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Not the way we wanted to end the year. It’s not been the easiest but we hope we made all you smile in 2020 in an incredibly tough year #YNWA

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Not the belated Christmas gift we wanted to give the fans. Needed more today #YNWA

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I knew buying extra stock would come in handy...

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What better way to end the year than by helping fund beds for parents in the new Edinburgh hospital. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for 2021!! Merry Christmas guys!

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In a tough year it’s been an honour to kick start our charity @ar26charity. Each day on the advent calendar has been incredible and it’s been amazing to help so many people up and down the country.

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Scenes! Some young footballers from our London project buzzing with their new boots thanks to a generous donation from @Nike
1700 pairs of boots made for some of the biggest names in European Football, are finding new ways to inspire across Scotland & London. More than a game ❤️


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That feeling when Milly is back in training 🥰

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An extremely tough year means we were unable to visit @AlderHey in person this time… but that was not going to stop the Reds meeting some of the youngsters currently being treated ❤️

An emotional day with plenty of festive cheer. Thank YOU for everything, @AlderHey ❤️

Absolutely gutted we couldn’t get to go to @alderhey this year but it was incredible to get to talk to everyone over there. The work they do is remarkable and so appreciated. Hope we get to see you guys soon!! Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas guys! Link in bio!! Wait til the end 😂👍🏼


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Please vote!! *Disclaimer this was taken pre-COVID! #SPOTY2020


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It's that time again...

#SPOTY 2020
📺📱 BBC iPlayer and BBC One from 20:00 GMT

A great captain, player and man! He deserves all the accolades and deserves your vote! Good luck skipper! @JHenderson

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Sadio promised and delivered ✊

Lee, that was for you and your grandad ❤️


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Bobby back in the goals has its downsides...😩🥋

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Well in, Reds! 👏

@Alissonbecker, @TrentAA, @VirgilvDijk and @Thiago6 have all been named in the FIFA @FIFPro Men’s World11 for 2020 🙌


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"Thank you @andrewrobertso5 for bringing many smiles to the wards with your virtual visit. The generous donation from AR26 will help to make time in hospital over Christmas a little easier for seriously ill children and their families.” Shona Cardle, Chief Executive @GCH_Charity


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Thank you so much @andrewrobertso5 for pledging to support our campaign for our children to access treatment for CLN2 #battendisease We are incredible grateful for your support & overwhelmed with your kindness. Thank you so much @LFC

It was a privilege to welcome Ollie and Amelia to melwood today! Two wonderful kids who deserve every bit of support we can give them ❤️

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