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Guaranteed win with these new Merch Madness offers! Enjoy a month of discounts only on !! Starting off with our week one deal…. -Team BS

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Cheers to what’s next!!!! 😉 @SmithworksVodka

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FIVE years!!! Happy birthday @SmithworksVodka!!!!

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We’ve thrown some pretty good parties @SmithworksVodka...

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God I miss this!!!! @SmithworksVodka

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First order of business.. @SmithworksVodka

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Y’all they just grow up so fast... @smithworksvodka is turning 5!!!!

I’m kicking off the celebration with a look back at 5 favorite memories... AND... something big that’s coming soon.. 😉

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Let's hear it! What's your favorite line from #MinimumWage?! - Team BS

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Looking for your email address on Blake’s subscriber list like… 🤔 We’ve got a few things up our sleeves. Make sure to subscribe today, and be the first to know! -Team BS

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Over 1 million views on the #MinimumWage lyric video already! Thanks y'all! -Team BS

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We’re just getting started y’all! See you next week for more blind auditions! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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It’s a nice break when I don't have to put up a fight with the other coaches! You’re right at home on Team Blaque Ethan! 😉

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Wise choice @AaronKonzelman! You don’t wanna mix with those Hollywood types! Glad you’re on #TeamBlake my man! #TheVoice

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I think the bobble needs a nickname. Tell me what y’all think below 👇🏻 #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Y’all ready to see who gets me to turn my chair tonight??? #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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I couldn’t be more proud to have given y’all a full decade of BS! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Hey y’all! @NBCTheVoice is back tonight at 9pm ET / 8pm CT!! See y’all later! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Quoted @ToriMasonTV

A contestant on The Voice just sang Glory.

Blake Shelton did not know that John Legend...the man to his right...wrote it.

Well hell... You don’t know what you don’t know!!!! 😂🤷‍♂️

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Y’all be sure to give my new single #MinimumWage a listen if you haven’t already!!!!

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