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What’s your favorite @bibbymoynihan #SNL character name?

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President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence reportedly spoke this week in the Oval Office for the first time since last week’s attack on the Capitol. Which had to be pretty awkward, but don’t worry, Trump accepted Pence’s apology.

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For more of @SethMeyers’ favorite #LNSM jokes of the week… 

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Jane Levy (@jcolburnlevy) loves @Lesdoggg’s #ZoeysPlaylist livetweets as much as everyone else.

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Anne Hathaway’s parents had a clever trick every time they brought her to FAO Schwarz.

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On today's #LNSM Podcast: Anne Hathaway! Plus, @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at Trump’s administration exit from the White House.

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“There really is no more perfect way for this to end than Trump stiffing Rudy.” – @SethMeyers #ACloserLook

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“Censored” takes on a whole new meaning with many Republicans. #ACloserLook

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More proof that the Trump administration is beyond parody. #ACloserLook

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Tonight, @SethMeyers welcomes Amy Poehler with music from @BurnaBoy!

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Seth takes #ACloserLook at how Trump is spending his final days in the White House.

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Trump has officially been impeached (again), but he still has five days until he’s no longer in office and it’s not pretty. @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook.

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Congressman @AndyKimNJ discusses why the picture of him cleaning up the Capitol touched so many people.

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Congressman @AndyKimNJ explains why he helped clean up the Capitol after last week’s riot.

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#MrMayor’s @bibbymoynihan reflects on his first memories of @nbcsnl with @SethMeyers.

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On today's #LNSM Podcast: Rep. @AndyKimNJ! Plus, @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at Trump’s second impeachment.

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He must be trying to fail at this point. #ACloserLook

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Quoted @travisakers

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will fine members of Congress who bypass metal detectors $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for a second.

At the end of the year they’re gonna have enough money for a *killer* class pizza party!

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YMCA will never be the same. #ACloserLook

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One day, Trump will just be an answer on a Trivial Pursuit card. #ACloserLook

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