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Former NRA President duped by Parkland parents into giving fake graduation speech to empty chairs. He thought this was the rehearsal, but a simple Google search would have told him the high school doesn’t even exist.

NRA : National Rifle Association.
Se as leis sobre armas no Brasil continuarem , vamos ter em breve o mesmo cenário
Por sinal, já notaram que Bananinha, de tão inseguro que é, aparece sempre com uma na cintura?

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Good luck tomorrow!

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@paulocoelho we had so mich fun.
If you have watched this legendary run episode of @BTS_twt this would be familiar. #TheAlchemist.

Happy Birthday mam @RegielyPrado!

Being very sad seeing my country descending to the Dark Ages, it is good to see this

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Small and White
Clean and bright
You look happy to meet me


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It is not your job
to be everything
to everyone

(Coelho, The Pilgrimage )

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“Europa se hizo peregrinando a Compostela”, - aseguró Felipe VI, y además citó al escritor Paulo Coelho –cuyo ingreso en la Academia Xacobea se celebró ayer– para apuntar que “Santiago no es el final del Camino sino el principio”.
#ReyFelipeVI #DiariodeumMago

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You may love your country


Hate your government

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'En kusursuz cinayet, yaşama sevincini öldürmektir.

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Better to be crazy and happy
than normal and bitter.

(Paulo Coelho, 11 minutes)

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The first publisher refused after 900 copies sold in one year
I told to myself: I believe in what I write
I believe the Universe will help me
And now:

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Egypt, 1987. #TheAlchemist was already written in my soul, but I didn’t know it.
The night of the photo I went deep in the desert , and I had a vision.

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A great pleasure in life
is to do
what they say you can’t.

(Coelho, The alchemist)

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Some blessings break all windows and glasses
when they arrive.

(Coelho, "Brida")

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Quoted @taejoonjpg

@paulocoelho sir dont worry about who unfollowed you, we're here to support you. and i promise you we're huge 💜

I am not worried AT ALL.

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I am losing a lot of followers because I posted a tweet congratulating @BTS_twt but this is the price to pay when you support people you admire.
The boys overcame so many difficult moments, prejudices, etc.
THEY WON!!!💜💜💜💜

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Congrats @BTS_twt!!! Over 100.000.000 views in 24 hr!
#BUTTER100M #ARMY 💜💜💜💜

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Replying to @pieceofdaylight: o Paulo Coelhooo! @paulocoelho esse menino te amo mesmo, viu

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Shawn Mendes recomendou livros e listou seus conteúdos favoritos do aplicativo de meditação Calm! 💙

o Paulo Coelhooo! @paulocoelho esse menino te amo mesmo, viu

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