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Swing/Trend Trader with 40+ years of experience who likes to share trading ideas and hard learned words of wisdom. Tweets opinions only.

Oakville, Ontario

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Often a different timeframe will present a different signal. It’s important to know what timeframe you are trading. Stick with it but use other timeframes for additional confirmation.

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Why are so many traders patient holding on to losing positions but impatient to enter new ones?

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Will we remember this time as the period when everyone was doing things ironically including the market?

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The administrative side of the trading business is something rarely mentioned.

How well you manage has a direct impact on your trading.

What tools or processes do you find useful?

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How many positions on average do you have open at any given time?

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If the trend is your friend then there are a lot of friends out there.

Hope you are all enjoying the party.

Just remember there are best friends and there are fair weather friends. At some point they will reveal themselves for who they really are.

Always be ready.

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When everyone is saying a stock is going to the moon it’s usually time to sell.

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When everyone is saying Buy and Hold is dead it’s usually a great time to Buy and Hold.

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Trying to make up for bad trades and missed opportunities usually ends up with more bad trades and missed opportunities.

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Do you adjust your trading style to fit changing market environments?

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Remember there is often a difference between what we think we are risking and reality.

Examples include during fast moving markets where a stop is hit and gets filled far from our expected price and overnight news that results in a gap well past our stop.

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A small account and leverage are not a good combination.

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Are you truly accountable to yourself?

Do you have the integrity to be a successful trader?

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Sometimes we get more benefits from unlearning then we do from learning.

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The goal of chart reading is to look at a chart and see what is really happening. Like a doctor learning to read an X-ray you must first learn what to look for then review many charts until it becomes second nature.

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Having a goal to make money trading is fine but what are your actionable tasks to get there?

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Do you spend time to find a great set up, enter the trade, get stopped out then move on? If so you may be missing out. The markets often tries to shake many out before it makes its move.

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Just because you have learned one way to trade does not mean there are not many other ways. Other ways that may be better for you if you are currently struggling.

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Check out final episode of Equities Month here on TBT: Great chat with @prrobbins on #Equities Technical #Trading

Thanks guys. Enjoyed the chat.

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